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Slip Resistance

Interpreting pendulum test results

How to interpret your pendulum method wet test report:

  1. Compare the test location description from your test report to the Dubai Universal Design Code (Table 2) descriptions below...identify the most appropriate comparable environment to determine performance.
  2. Compare the Pendulum Test Value (PTV) result for location reported to the identified recommended PTV...note if the test area's reported outcome meets, exceeds, or is found to be underperfroming to the Dubai Universal Design Code

* Table 2. Pavement slip resistance

Pavement Slip Resistance

Floor Pavement Slopes Pendulum Test Value (PTV)
Dry Areas Indoor
Level Surface Between 15 and 35
Inclined surfaces with slopes less than 5%
Inclined surfaces with 5% slopes or greater 35 or more
Wet Areas Indoor and Outdoor
Level Surface Between 35 and 45
Inclined surfaces with slopes less than 5%
Inclined surfaces with 5% slopes or greater 45 or more
Streets pavement, swimming pools and showers 45 or more

Treatment Options

For surfaces that achieve a BPN result below the recommendations the following are options available to increase slip resistance and Reduce Your Risk!

Cleaning procedures
Detergent residues can build up over time with heavy detergent use.
Acid etching
For tiled surfaces. Can vary in performance with different tile types.
Wet sand/ Soda blasting
To obtain a textured finish to tiles and other hard surfaces (may require sealing).
Shot blasting
More extreme treatment to wet sandblasting (may require sealing).
Textured coatings
Ensure a consistent texture is achieved.
Surface replacement
Replacement surface may be the most cost-effective option in some locations.
An internet search for 'flooring treatments' will identify surface treatment professionals in your local area. ISTS recommends sourcing a number of detailed proposals when considering treatments, outlining expected slip resistance improvements, visual changes, cleanability, and life expectancy.

Additional Notes & References


*Table 2 Pavement Slip Resistance Dubai Universal Design Code (February 2017)

European Standard EN 13036-4:2011 Method for measurement of slip/skid resistance of a surface: The Pendulum Test

nb. The information provided is intended as a guide only, consult the referenced publications for further information in regards to measurement results and recommendations.